Race Report: Yeti Chase 10k

This will be a quick one as the race was pretty low key. Racing Underground puts on some solid, no frills races that are great tune ups for the big events. This year’s Yeti Chase 10k was no exception.

The morning was surprisingly cold considering the warm spell we had the previous few weeks, but it was a sure sign that winter was on the way. I usually don’t have any issue racing in the cold, but the wind was impressive with gust in the low 30 mph range. The hilly course combined with the wind made for a difficult day on the course, but despite the conditions, I managed to put in a solid time (48:15) without over exerting myself which was good enough for 67th place out of 449 and landed me in the middle of the pack in my age group (14th/31).

The floods back in September caused the course to be altered and as such the 10k course followed the 5k course. The most interesting part is that racers were informed prior to kickoff that if they wanted to downgrade and just do the 5k that basically, “that’s cool”. Though I considered, I was not one of the 100+ to register for the 10k and only do half. Quite honestly, I probably wouldn’t have bailed at the 5k mark had my friend Paul not joined me in the race. He also put in a solid effort, coming in just over his goal of 50 mins, but on this course I’d say it was a success for both of us.

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