A look back: 2014 was quite a year

As we launch forth into 2015, I want to take a look back as we close out the year.  2014 was a year unlike any other I’ve experienced. Collectively, I spent more time training (376 hours), crushed a few previous PRs (-49:32 in the 70.3), made some great new friends, finished my first Ironman and learned to actually listen to my coach.  All this happened while balancing a new addition to the family (Alexander Patrick Woodruff, born 12/1/2014), a crazy work travel schedule and trying to keep my wife from killing me for being away so much (she’s a Saint!). I guess that’s why they say if it ain’t hard, you ain’t trying.

To help put things into perspective, I compiled a few 2014 stats from my TrainingPeaks data:

  • 12 number of races this season (down from 19 last season)
  • 0 number of DNFs
  • 49 number of minutes knocked off my 70.3 PR
  • 50 number of watts added to my FTP
  • 137,848 ft elevation gain (bike)
  • 1 Ironman Finish
  • 15 lbs gained since the Ironman
  • Cumulative Mileage for the year:
    • 99 Swimming
    • 2,815 Bike (road + mountain)
    • 533 Running
    • 36 Hiking
    • 3,483 Total Mileage
  • Cumulative Training Time
    • 59 hrs Swimming
    • 216 hrs Bike (road + mountain)
    • 84 hrs Running
    • 17 hrs Hiking
    • 376 hrs Total time spent training (just shy of 16 days!!!)

So what’s next? I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the experience training with the team last season will never be duplicated. In 2015, my goals are significantly different, but just as focused.  I won’t be racing the 140.6 and instead will turn my attention to the 70.3 and work on developing speed on the shorter distance races.

And last, but not least, here’s a year in review video from Strava:

YouTube Preview Image

Oh yeah, and Happy New Year!!!!

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