Even the best plans…

Well, it’s time for a reboot. 2 unproductive weeks have me in somewhat of a bad spot. It’s time to come roaring back.

The first week I allowed work to get in the way. 10 days in a row at the client site working long hours and trying to balance between RFP prep and client work ended with me having to sacrifice workouts for work.

Then there was the weekend that wasn’t. On Friday, I rested so we could get up early on Saturday and go to Disney for a week. I did sneak one z2 run in but that was it. The only good thing from a training perspective is that I walked at least 10 miles every day and was on my feet constantly.

On a personal level, it was a blast. January has been a rough month and I’m definitely ready to get back to training hard. I’m planning to put in some good miles today to kickoff my return to focus.

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