Coach EK’s IM Lake Placid Race Report

EK had a hell of a day in Lake Placid.  It might not have ended the way he wanted it to, but I think he got a lot out of the day (probably more than he expected).

From his report, running from Goblins:

“I sometimes describe pacing of an Ironman as Running from Goblins.  We have all dealt with them before. On long training session and races. They start the race shortly after you and just follow you. They are faster and they WILL catch you… eventually.  Everything you do and don’t do is simply trying to stay in front of them as long as possible. Go to hard and slow down they catch you all at once. At first they flick your ear and tug at your shorts. Then one will jump on your leg, then the other, then your back, then they start punching you in the gut, pulling your hair and tripping up your feet.“you have to stay just ahead of the goblins for as long as you can, if they catch you 6 miles into the run, its over, you simply can’t deal with them for that long”  –I will tell people. “

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