The hits; They come quickly

It’s amazing how rapidly things seem to change sometimes.  I just recently crossed the 1-year mark at my client which included the luxury of not having to travel for work and the ability to train every day and still have plenty of time to enjoy my girls.  In a flash, IM 70.3 Boulder is over (race report coming soon) and I’m not less than a year away from my first full distance Ironman. Then today happened.  Due to circumstances outside of my control, I was forced to say goodbye to my local client and next week will start a new adventure involving regular trips to Austin, TX.  The only bright spot is that for some time I have been considering saddling up and racing the IM 70.3 Austin at the end of October.

Consulting, like triathlon, is a lifestyle I have chosen and have known for the last year that going back to the grind was a strong possibility.  I harbor no anger over the change as it is a great opportunity, and I can’t say enough good things about my leadership team.  Training will be a challenge going forward, and though it is nothing I can’t handle, it will take effort and perseverance to adjust to my new reality.

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