I’m so glad last week is over

I’ve hit a low point.  I can’t say that it’s an all-time low, but I’m definitely being forced to rethink my approach a bit due to the travel that’s being forced upon me.  Looking back and my training log, aside from weeks off, last week was one of the worst efforts I’ve had in recent memory (excluding weeks when I was sick). On paper, I made 4:31 total time, but 1:30 of that is core and ankle PT which barely counts.  My only good take away is that I managed 2:30 in the pool which is higher than normal, but zero bike time and one failed run on the treadmill that was conveniently located in my hotel room.

My swim this morning was a bit of an eye opener.  I’ve improved solidly the last few sessions, but this morning felt like several big steps in the wrong direction.  I’ve also been dealing with recurring ankle problems, motivation issues and poor diet.  Ok, that last statement was too nice to convey the reality that I’ve been eating like shit and drinking way too much.

So how do I get out of this rut?  I have a few things in mind:

  • Swim change – Ditch the Friday swim as there’s no way it’s going to work with the travel schedule
  • Diet reboot – back to salads, nutrient timing and inverse intake schedule (big to small)
  • Let it happen – For the time being, I’m going to stop forcing workouts that aren’t going to happen which means listening to my body more.  This is because my work schedule has been absolutely crushing me lately and unfortunately, that’s what pays the bills and makes this hobby possible
  • Stretch more

Hopefully a slight adjustment to several valves will enable me to keep on the right pace and get my activity level back where I want it.


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